Barack Obama’s Speech On Racism

March 24, 2008 by · 1 Comment
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The below is Barack Obama‚Äôs recent speech on racism. If you haven’t yet heard or read it I think you will find the time well spent. I’m not certain if he wrote it himself, but regardless it gave me a new found respect for him. I think he does an admirable job of touching on the frustrations that a variety of people, from a variety of different races feel but either don’t openly express or have difficulty expressing. While he doesn’t offer much with respect to the means for remedying some of these issues, the fact that he addresses them hopefully opens the door to more frank discussions. While I’m fairly certain that those most militant of individuals/groups (whose very existence, purpose, and ability to do what they do depends on pitting various races against others,) will suggest that this is Obama ‘being an uncle tom” or Obama being “a crafty black man tricking whitey into voting from him” my hope is that it will allow us all to have a greater understanding of the frustrations that others feel and that maybe, possibly, there is a voice of reason and integrity that actually wants to create a better tomorrow.

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