Playstation 3 – PS3 stuck in 480i can not change to hdmi or component

January 24, 2009 by · 62 Comments
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Hopefully this will help some of you as it drove me crazy. My son has the ps3 and despite what xbox lovers will tell you it’s a pretty darn good gaming system. Being a bit of a geek I’ve set up a server with Nero media to stream all my movies through the ps3. I use a projector that supports up to 1080i and have a 92 inch screen combined  with a surround sound system.  The kids love it. From time to time my son likes to take the PS3 to a friends house or at night bring it to his bedroom to play games. When he connects the ps3 to TVs that don’t support Hi-def the ps3 will revert to 480i display mode. Here is the problem… When you connect the PS3 back to your hi-def system you will get an out of sync issue and a green wavy screen. You can’t see anything, so you can’t change the display resolution back. So what to do?

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