Republicans Complain About Fox News and You are Surprised?

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Here’s The Story:  Fox News Bash – Of course Republicans are starting to complain, they are beginning to realize that Americans aren’t just unhappy with Democrats. We are unhappy with both parties, their arrogance, spending, and backroom deals.  They are all in bed together and they laugh at our naivete while sipping martinis at evening galas. All the while they steal our money and increase wealth for their own family and friends.  They create just enough fake Democrat vs. Republican controversy to keep the public arguing while they enrich themselves and bankrupt the nation.  Both parties join in the same hypocrisy, corruption and depredation.  They espouse that they are different but they are joined at the hip.  The anger of many Americans is simply an acknowledgment among us and notice that we are on to you.  Our Governments role is to protect our freedoms, to provide defense foreign and domestic, to maintain infrastructure and to protect as well as abide by the constitution.  Forced charity, redistribution of wealth and socialism if desired can already be found in plenty of under performing second rate nations.  If that’s the type of Government you want there are plenty to choose from.  Indeed our Constitution is directly opposed to the above concepts and was purposely worded to avoid the ability for Government to grow so large and so corrupt that they could take away the right and incentive to pursue personal achievement and wealth.  They came to know that innovation, productivity and personal happiness are largely tied to ones ability to reap the rewards of their efforts and as long as they did so without infringing on the rights of others the Nation would continue to flourish unlike any other throughout history.  Survival of the fittest with rules.  Brilliant, Beautiful. 

So let me make it easy for those that still don’t get it.  The current movement is against both Republicans and Democrats, the belief that Government knows whats best and that they have to protect us from ourselves, that they have the right to take our money and better know how to spend it, that they can spend without limit, ignore any reasonable accounting methodology, tax any and everything, dictate who and how we love, and what our moral obligations to our fellow man should entail.

Here’s what I want and I’m guessing many feel they same way:

  • Smaller Government
  • Less Taxes (preferably consumption based} – Simplified tax code (Flat/ FairTax)
  • No Forced Charity
  • Out of My Personal Business and My Bedroom
  • Enforcement Of Existing Immigration Laws
  • Social Programs only for Children, Veterans and those totally physically or mentally impaired
  • Ethnicity Blind, i.e. No Questions About, Acknowledgment Of,  Or Reference to People by Their Race, Religion, Creed, Color etc.
  • No “Nanny Laws”
  • Strong Non-Interventionist Military / Defense
  • Wealth based on effort, talent, and personal sacrifice

Essentially protect me, my country and my/our rights and then leave me free to the pursuit of happiness.  I will gladly pay tax toward those endeavors  Let me keep what I  am able to earn based on my abilities and efforts and don’t force someone to give me part of what they have earned simply because I’m less equipped, driven or fortunate.  Let me love who I want and accept the consequences of the risks I choose to take.  Lastly, if you choose to serve as a politician do so because you actually believe in the ideology on which the Country was founded and you feel compelled to join the legacy of other great men who often took great personal and monetary risk to propagate, protect and preserve it.

All that being said the pursuance of this movement must not be perpetrated through violent, unethical and angry behavior.  Such acts only serve to offer a means toward distraction of the message by providing those who would wish to maintain the status quo a way to easily avoid having to address the issues and concerns.  It is clear as seen repeatedly in news articles, blogs and other media outlets that the defense by those being challenged is to suggest that all who support such a movement are either racist, homophobic, supremacists, ignorant or lunatics.  I’m fairly certain we will see such accusations and name-calling in response to this post.  We must conduct ourselves with honor, humility and confidence in the face of such accusations and eliminate what is really their only hope toward maintaining their large government gravy train.  So we only need continue to calmly and repeatedly make our point and logical people will eventually see the logic.  Even hardcore Republicans and Democrats understand that you can’t keep spending more money than you have.  Eventually the pyramid collapses.  Once they begin to understand that both parties are responsible for the pyramid and that neither is interested in changing anything they will join us, after all we’re right.

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