Arizona Immigration Controversy – Immigration Amnesty

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If this lunacy around immigration amnesty was the plot of a movie I would find it impossible to suspend disbelief.  I’ve tried but I can’t find a single argument that offers a logical reason for opposing enforcement of existing immigration laws.  Of course the real reason for dissent over the recent events in Arizona is because those protesting are either illegals, family of illegals or those looking to increase the percentage of potential voters favorable to their ideology and/or to the electability of their preferred political cohorts.

And with no real argument to be found the same old card is bound to be played. Get ready to be called a profiling racist, bigot, Nazi.  Sorry but you can only cry wolf so many times. Decent people across all ethnicities are tired of your deception and attempts at dividing us.  Despite your resistance we are a nation growing color blind and those already there are too smart to let you pit us against each other when issues such as this are so blatantly clear.

If you can answer in the negative to any of the three following questions I’m willing to reconsider.

1.  In a civilized society is it necessary to have laws?

2. When laws are created should they be enforced?

3. Are people entering and or living illegally in the United States breaking the law?

The prosecution rests.

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    testing my protection


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