Nearly 80 percent of Americans Do Not Trust The Government

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I thought the article linked below is particularly interesting in light of my post on April 9th about Republicans starting to criticize Fox News.  It just further validates that Americans are reaching a point where they are fed up with the elitist attitudes of many politicians in both the Republican and Democratic parties.    However, trust me when I say they still don’t get it.  They believe that their citizens are apathetic and that it will be business as usual if they can prop up the economy just enough to appease the masses until after the next election.  Of course this economic recovery is largely based on money the Government is borrowing and pumping into the system.  This borrowing will continue just long enough to enact all the desired “progressive” policies followed by a pronouncement that capitalism doesn’t work.  Taxes will go through the roof and the mass of people out of work and struggling to survive will lead even the most hardened of former middle class capitalist screaming that socialism is the only answer.  We can’t drink the kool aid this time.  The only way to get Government back in the control of the people is to elect those running outside of the current two party system.  I know, trust me I know, some reading this might think I’m overreacting but think for a moment,… if you ran your household, your finances, the way the Government does what would eventually happen?  And when you finally went bankrupt would your family walk away rich while your neighbors are left with your debt?  We are the neighbors and the family next door are the politicians walking away with our money, liberty, dignity and ultimately our desire and ability to achieve wealth for ourselves and our heirs.  There are three ways to enslave a man.

  1. Put them in chains and force them to work jobs which otherwise they wouldn’t choose
  2. Put them in debt which will require them to work jobs which otherwise they wouldn’t choose
  3. Put them on welfare, give just enough so they will help keep you in power and keep others inline (modern day house slave}

So I repeat, don’t continue to drink the kool aid.  Don’t let them continue to use racism, our pigment, our ancestry to divide us.  America is after-all a nation of mixed people, a true melting pot, the one last hope for man kind to achieve great things, amass significant wealth, and succeed regardless of our unimportant cosmetic differences.  A success based on the only feature we must have in common,  hard work bound by ethics ensured by a Government whose central obligation is to protect our ability to do so.  A country raised to greatness through the courage of those who arrived on these shores knowing that their life would be defined by the belief in their own abilities and the desire and fortitude necessary to capitalize on them.  So ask yourself…. Am I a slave or an American?  Am I helping to enslave or inspiring to achieve?  Am I unknowingly passing on to my children an attitude, an ideology, that will enslave them and likely future generations.  Government handouts are much like the scam perpetrated by the corner drug dealer.  They give just enough free product  to get you hooked and then they have your sole, your mind, your will to do anything but return to the corner.  So again I ask are you a slave, are your children being raised with a slaves outlook.  Will they be visiting the same corner.

Unfortunately our Government only has two corners and neither resemble what they once did.  They claim that their corners are different but alas they are much the same.  Business has been good and they each have loyal clients.  They both buy from the same distributor but package the product so it appears different.  But the buyers have become suspicious they have seen the destruction that occurs regardless of which corner one buys from.  It’s time to leave this neighborhood and seek a new corner where we can again walk with our children without fear of our pockets being picked, our rights being trampled and and our voices going unheard.  These old corners can’t be cleaned the weeds of corruption have grown too deep.

The full study that prompted this post can be found at the pew institute.  The link to the news article is here:  Americans Don’t Trust Government

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