Ron Paul Foreign Policy – Is Ron Paul Crazy?

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Well the short answer is no absolutely not, in fact just the opposite. However I must say I use to think he was. When I first heard about his non-interventionist ideas I thought “are you kidding me”? “There are terrorists all over the world who hate and want to kill us”. Of course at the time I didn’t consider that when you kill almost a million innocent children in the middle east and then occupy their country that it might make a few middle east parents angry. Imagine if some country dropped a bomb on your kids? But really I only thought about this after I had already come to the conclusion that Paul was correct. My change of heart came about gradually and it was directly related to my investigation of the history of our interventionist policies. I will share some of what I’ve learned below. My hope is that it will create enough of a question in your mind to prompt you to further investigate on your own. There is so very much to cover and I simply don’t have the time to address but again the following should give you enough to spark interest in any reasonably honest person that actually wants to form a rational opinion and not simply regurgitate the talking points and propaganda the media and 2 party system feed us.

The following is a post I made elsewhere but as I’m too lazy to re-purpose should suffice.

I completely understand your concerns around the Paul foreign policy platform because I once felt very much the same way. At the time I felt that a non-interventionist policy of friendly relations was simply crazy. My world view changed however when I began reading about the history of our involvement overseas. At first it was surprise at democracies we overthrew and then disgust when I read “Confessions of an Economic Hit-man” and learned in even greater detail about how our foreign policy has little to do with promoting freedom and much to-do about acquiring resources. Further investigation led to my understanding of the petro-dollar and that was the final straw, Dr. Paul’s foreign policy now makes perfect sense. Let me start you off.

In the early 1970’s the US approached Saudi Arabia and made them an “offer they couldn’t refuse”. The US would be friends with the House Of Saudi and they would sell oil in US Dollars only. As the leader of OPEC they would convince all other oil nations to do the same. This agreement was highly important as any nation looking to buy oil would have to use US dollars thus creating a never ending demand for our currency. It also solidified the dollar as the worlds reserve currency which had been threatened when we stopped allowing dollars to be converted for gold due to the huge deficits we had build during the Vietnam war. It also essentially allows us to buy oil for free by simply printing dollars as needed. On November 6th 2000 Iraq decided it would no longer sell oil in dollars and converted all sales of oil as well as its currency reserves to Euros. Shortly thereafter the US imposed sanctions and began suggesting that Iraq was acquiring weapons of mass destruction. In March 2003 the US invaded Iraq. Two months later it was announced that Iraq would price oil only in dollars and that its reserve would be in dollars. In June 2004 Iran announced it was planning on pricing its oil in Euros instead of dollars. It also said it was creating an exchange market to trade oil for euros that would compete with NYMEX and the IPE. Shortly thereafter the US worked to impose additional sanctions on Iran. In February of 2009 Iran completely decoupled from US dollars and began selling oil only in Euros. Shortly thereafter the US began aggressively suggesting Iran was attempting to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore recently we have been fighting to promote the TAPI pipeline that would go through Afghanistan in competition with the Iranian pipeline (the IPI). We have been attempting to build this pipeline for over a decade and in order to do so stability is needed in Afghanistan without the Taliban who requested what we considered excessive fees when they were ruling. The cost of our alternative is more than 3 times as expensive as the Iranian alternative and Pakistan was ready to agree with Iran. We don’t like that and recently don’t like them. I’m tired but you can research the history which is long and sorted.

The point is our foreign policy has nothing to do with protecting Americans nor promoting Democracy. It is an evil escalation by elite business men over the worlds resources. Dr. Paul is correct we need to stay out of the affairs of 3rd world countries who have no air-forces, navys, and can barely produce enough gasoline to survive. They pose no threat and this fear mongering is nothing more than propaganda the same type used through-out history to promote immoral agendas that have nothing to do with security of the state or the people.

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