NDAA – Letter to Senator Scott Brown – His Reply – My Response

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Senator Brown,

I write you today in the hope that you will change course and oppose the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act.

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Ron Paul Foreign Policy – Is Ron Paul Crazy?

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Well the short answer is no absolutely not, in fact just the opposite. However I must say I use to think he was. When I first heard about his non-interventionist ideas I thought “are you kidding me”? “There are terrorists all over the world who hate and want to kill us”. Of course at the time I didn’t consider that when you kill almost a million innocent children in the middle east and then occupy their country that it might make a few middle east parents angry. Imagine if some country dropped a bomb on your kids? But really I only thought about this after I had already come to the conclusion that Paul was correct. My change of heart came about gradually and it was directly related to my investigation of the history of our interventionist policies. I will share some of what I’ve learned below. My hope is that it will create enough of a question in your mind to prompt you to further investigate on your own. There is so very much to cover and I simply don’t have the time to address but again the following should give you enough to spark interest in any reasonably honest person that actually wants to form a rational opinion and not simply regurgitate the talking points and propaganda the media and 2 party system feed us.

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National Defense Authorization Act – The Constitution Nullified with a Pen Swipe

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Recently Congress passed a bill called The National Defense Authorization Act – HR 1540. It would be better described if they called it Americas Police State Act. I believe this currently the single most important issue facing the American people. It changes the course of history and wipes out much of what it means to be an American (and our Constitution) without even raising a weapon. They will accomplish with a pen what others have failed to do with war.

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Mitt Romney lovers – Merry Flipmas

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Someone took the recent Brett Baier interview with Mitt Romney and edited in past clips of Mitt. Each time he lies or says he was misquoted they cut to a previous interview that proves the accusation. Just beautiful.

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Is Newt Gingrich a Sociopath

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The more I read about Newt Gingrich the more convinced I become that he may be a sociopath. I’m not saying he is one but I’m suspicious.

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Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

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Man sometimes WordPress can be frustrating. I recently upgraded my blog to the newest version and started getting a Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() on each page. The string continues with a bunch of other junk and ends by pointing to (ending with) class-wp-admin-bar.php. After much searching and a variety of fairly complex posts telling me to change user roles and edit PHPmyAdmin bla bla bla I found a very simple solution. Apparently the newest version of Word Press adds a new toolbar in your admin area at the top which is supposed to help you navigate. Kind of fancy, kind of fricking annoying.

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WordPress Can’t Add Plugin Freezes won’t unzip stuck at Unpacking

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Clearly I’m no WordPress Pro and I know very little php so when all of a sudden I could no longer install plugins through the admin console I was pretty frustrated.  I hate having to use FTP so I started searching for a solution.  Almost every post on plugin errors were different issues than mine but eventually I found a solution.  Hopefully it will help a few of you.  If so, please take the time to post and if you have a different fix please share it.

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Nearly 80 percent of Americans Do Not Trust The Government

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I thought the article linked below is particularly interesting in light of my post on April 9th about Republicans starting to criticize Fox News.  It just further validates that Americans are reaching a point where they are fed up with the elitist attitudes of many politicians in both the Republican and Democratic parties.    However, trust me when I say they still don’t get it.  They believe that their citizens are apathetic and that it will be business as usual if they can prop up the economy just enough to appease the masses until after the next election.  Of course this economic recovery is largely based on money the Government is borrowing and pumping into the system.  This borrowing will continue just long enough to enact all the desired “progressive” policies followed by a pronouncement that capitalism doesn’t work.  Taxes will go through the roof and the mass of people out of work and struggling to survive will lead even the most hardened of former middle class capitalist screaming that socialism is the only answer.  We can’t drink the kool aid this time.  The only way to get Government back in the control of the people is to elect those running outside of the current two party system.  I know, trust me I know, some reading this might think I’m overreacting but think for a moment,… if you ran your household, your finances, the way the Government does what would eventually happen?  And when you finally went bankrupt would your family walk away rich while your neighbors are left with your debt?  We are the neighbors and the family next door are the politicians walking away with our money, liberty, dignity and ultimately our desire and ability to achieve wealth for ourselves and our heirs.  There are three ways to enslave a man. Read more

Republicans Complain About Fox News and You are Surprised?

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Here’s The Story:  Fox News Bash – Of course Republicans are starting to complain, they are beginning to realize that Americans aren’t just unhappy with Democrats. We are unhappy with both parties, their arrogance, spending, and backroom deals.  They are all in bed together and they laugh at our naivete while sipping martinis at evening galas. All the while they steal our money and increase wealth for their own family and friends.  They create just enough fake Democrat vs. Republican controversy to keep the public arguing while they enrich themselves and bankrupt the nation.  Both parties join in the same hypocrisy, corruption and depredation.  They espouse that they are different but they are joined at the hip.  The anger of many Americans is simply an acknowledgment among us and notice that we are on to you.  Our Governments role is to protect our freedoms, to provide defense foreign and domestic, to maintain infrastructure and to protect as well as abide by the constitution.  Forced charity, redistribution of wealth and socialism if desired can already be found in plenty of under performing second rate nations.  If that’s the type of Government you want there are plenty to choose from.  Indeed our Constitution is directly opposed to the above concepts and was purposely worded to avoid the ability for Government to grow so large and so corrupt that they could take away the right and incentive to pursue personal achievement and wealth.  They came to know that innovation, productivity and personal happiness are largely tied to ones ability to reap the rewards of their efforts and as long as they did so without infringing on the rights of others the Nation would continue to flourish unlike any other throughout history.  Survival of the fittest with rules.  Brilliant, Beautiful. 

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Playstation 3 – PS3 stuck in 480i can not change to hdmi or component

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Hopefully this will help some of you as it drove me crazy. My son has the ps3 and despite what xbox lovers will tell you it’s a pretty darn good gaming system. Being a bit of a geek I’ve set up a server with Nero media to stream all my movies through the ps3. I use a projector that supports up to 1080i and have a 92 inch screen combined  with a surround sound system.  The kids love it. From time to time my son likes to take the PS3 to a friends house or at night bring it to his bedroom to play games. When he connects the ps3 to TVs that don’t support Hi-def the ps3 will revert to 480i display mode. Here is the problem… When you connect the PS3 back to your hi-def system you will get an out of sync issue and a green wavy screen. You can’t see anything, so you can’t change the display resolution back. So what to do?

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