Ron Paul Foreign Policy – Is Ron Paul Crazy?

December 13, 2011 by · 2 Comments
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Well the short answer is no absolutely not, in fact just the opposite. However I must say I use to think he was. When I first heard about his non-interventionist ideas I thought “are you kidding me”? “There are terrorists all over the world who hate and want to kill us”. Of course at the time I didn’t consider that when you kill almost a million innocent children in the middle east and then occupy their country that it might make a few middle east parents angry. Imagine if some country dropped a bomb on your kids? But really I only thought about this after I had already come to the conclusion that Paul was correct. My change of heart came about gradually and it was directly related to my investigation of the history of our interventionist policies. I will share some of what I’ve learned below. My hope is that it will create enough of a question in your mind to prompt you to further investigate on your own. There is so very much to cover and I simply don’t have the time to address but again the following should give you enough to spark interest in any reasonably honest person that actually wants to form a rational opinion and not simply regurgitate the talking points and propaganda the media and 2 party system feed us.

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Is Newt Gingrich a Sociopath

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The more I read about Newt Gingrich the more convinced I become that he may be a sociopath. I’m not saying he is one but I’m suspicious.

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