Playstation 3 – PS3 stuck in 480i can not change to hdmi or component

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Hopefully this will help some of you as it drove me crazy. My son has the ps3 and despite what xbox lovers will tell you it’s a pretty darn good gaming system. Being a bit of a geek I’ve set up a server with Nero media to stream all my movies through the ps3. I use a projector that supports up to 1080i and have a 92 inch screen combined  with a surround sound system.  The kids love it. From time to time my son likes to take the PS3 to a friends house or at night bring it to his bedroom to play games. When he connects the ps3 to TVs that don’t support Hi-def the ps3 will revert to 480i display mode. Here is the problem… When you connect the PS3 back to your hi-def system you will get an out of sync issue and a green wavy screen. You can’t see anything, so you can’t change the display resolution back. So what to do?

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Barack Obama’s Speech On Racism

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The below is Barack Obama’s recent speech on racism. If you haven’t yet heard or read it I think you will find the time well spent. I’m not certain if he wrote it himself, but regardless it gave me a new found respect for him. I think he does an admirable job of touching on the frustrations that a variety of people, from a variety of different races feel but either don’t openly express or have difficulty expressing. While he doesn’t offer much with respect to the means for remedying some of these issues, the fact that he addresses them hopefully opens the door to more frank discussions. While I’m fairly certain that those most militant of individuals/groups (whose very existence, purpose, and ability to do what they do depends on pitting various races against others,) will suggest that this is Obama ‘being an uncle tom” or Obama being “a crafty black man tricking whitey into voting from him” my hope is that it will allow us all to have a greater understanding of the frustrations that others feel and that maybe, possibly, there is a voice of reason and integrity that actually wants to create a better tomorrow.

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Character Not Color

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So this is my first post and my attempt at starting a blog.  The blog is really more for me than for others, a way for me to write about things I find interesting and at the same time possibly gain insight from others who happen by.  There is no main theme, no specific subject and no attempt at keeping true to journalistic standards.  Often I will add quotes, information, possibly full text that I’ve found elsewhere and I want to make it clear up-front I have no intention of using references, bibliographies, or taking the time to say where I got the information from.  Why?? Because I don’t want to take the time.  So, you should never assume that what you read here is/are my own words or thoughts.  I also don’t want to hear from you telling me that I’ve plagiarized or stolen others thoughts, comments or ideas.  I probably have and if you don’t like it, well then move on.  I may at times provide links, I may specifically say that what I’m writing are my own thoughts and then again I may not.  The point is I want to write what I want, how I want, and when I want, which may be never again after this post.

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